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Artwork by Art Heroes alumni

Master Character workflow in ZBrush and create your new piece in just 6 days.


📌July 6 - 12 2021

We're bringing together amazing instructors, daily workshops and community to help you along the way 💪

Bootcamp Program

Day 1

Character Blockout

  • Blocking out stylized silhouettes
  • How to build a cool looking silhouette out of simple shapes
  • Take the blockout one step further by scultping the merged model
  • How to keep shapes clean
Day 2

Detailing and texturing

  • Adding details to your character and finishing the sculpt
  • How to approach the clothes blockout in stylized characters
  • Simple methodology for tackling texturing in ZBrush
Day 3

Long Stylized Hair

  • Simple methodology to make long hair inside ZBrush
  • Create Stylized hair without fancy brushes
  • Using hair to give motion and silhouette
  • 🔥 Bonus: curly hair methodology
Day 4

Feedback session

  • ❗️Get 1:1 instructor feedback on your model
  • Practical and constructive recommendations for next steps
  • Get all of your questions answered, live
Day 5

Finalize your project

  • Finish and present your character with our final set of tips
  • Access a workshop on posing and presentation
  • 🔥 Get a chance to win a scholarship for further learning when you complete all the asignments of the bootcamp
Day 6

Submit & publish!

  • Show your character to the world
  • Submit your end result and publish on social to get more exposure
  • 🔥 Show most progress and get featured in our Bootcamp Gallery

What you can expect

When attending the Bootcamp, make sure you're blocking time on your calendar.

Trust us, it's worth it!

Step-by-step tips to follow along

Get a breakdown of compicated concepts in follow-along instructions

From simple concepts to complex features

Build your next character using the concepts that we explore together, incorporate something new in your workflow and publish for other artists to see!


Private Discord Community for more feedback

During the Bootcamps, we all collaborate to make the most of this experience.

You'll get an invite to join our private Discord server where all artists get together.

We'd love you to be a part of this!

Participate in scholarship raffles

Every day we raffle scholarships for mentorship programs and access to character classes among challenge participants.

When you submit your WIPs, you're eligible! Simple.


Why Participate

⭐️ Make use of one summer week to upgrade your character art skills

  • Learn and apply new tools

  • Finish a character in just a week

  • Meet other artists

  • Get feedback on your progress

  • Gain extra motivation

Bootcamp Instructors

Hugo Sena

3D Character Artist

An expert of Game characters, Hugo Sena is a lead character artist at Rouge Factor and based in Montreal. Not only is he jumping from sculpting to texturing on the daily but he simultaneously manages a team of artists. Hugo loves everything there is about characters, be it realistic, cartoony, subhuman and everything in between.

Oscar Trejo

3D Modeler / Concept Artist

Oscar Trejo has been in the industry for over 7 years, working in a variety of different projects from video games & animation, toys, jewelry design & medical prosthesis. Oscar has been streaming in the Pixologic Zbrush channel for 2 years and recently developed an IP for an animation show.

Alfredo Baro

3D Character Artist / Concept Artist

Alfredo Baro, based in Mexico, is a passionate 3D artist and modeler. Alfredo has been working as a freelance artist and instructor.
He has mentored 150+ students on stylized characters and created his signature ZBrush Fundamentals program, making ZBrush more accessible to artists worldwide.

Hear what other Bootcamp participants have to say

We have ran 3 character Bootcamps over the past years and we keep doing this because our community ♥️ them.


I loved interacting with the Bootcamp group/community. Seeing all of the talent gave me more incentive to push my art harder.


I got a ton of motivation - I want so bad to be seen as an artist and im happy that my work born some emotions to other. That was best what I could expect even if im just noob in digital art.


I learned many facts and tricks from the webinars, also I got to know other artists


The best thing was meeting new people, learn new skills and see how other Artists to they stuff


Cool people, great artists, amazing atmosphere!


I loved the possibility of getting visibility!

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